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Aelia Eudocia (Wife of Theodosius II)
Aelia Eudoxia (Wife of Arcadius)
Aelianus (285 or 286 A.D.)
Aemilius Aemilianus (253 A.D.)
Mussius Aemilianus (A.D. 261)
Agnes of France (Wife of Alexius II Comnenus)
Agrippina the Elder (wife of Germanicus)
Agrippina the Younger (Wife of Claudius)
Clodius Albinus (193- 197 A.D.)
L. Domitius Alexander (308-309 A.D.)
Severus Alexander (A.D.222-235)
Alexius II Comnenus (A.D.1180-1183)
Allectus (293-296/7 A.D.)
Amandus (285 or 286 A.D.)
Anastasia (Daughter of Constantius I)
Anastasia (Wife of Constantine IV)
Anastasius (491-518 A.D.) \
Anastasius II (A.D. 713-715)
Andronicus I (1183-1185)
Anna (wife of Artabasdus)
Anna Dalassena (Mother of Alexius I Comnenus))
Anthemius (467- 472)
Antoninus Pius (138- 161 A.D.)
Arcadius (395-408 A.D.)
Arrecina Tertulla (Wife of Titus)
Artabasdus (741/2-743 A.D.)
Arvandus (468 A.D.)
Augustus (31 B.C. - 14 A.D.)
Aurelian (270-275) A.D.)
Aurelius Achilleus (296/7- 297/8 A.D)
Aureolus (A.D. 262, 268)
Avidius Cassius (175 AD)
Avitus (455- 456A.D.)


Balbinus (238 A.D.)
Ballista (A.D. 261)
Basil II (976-1025 A.D.)
Basiliscus (475-476 A.D.)
Basiliscus (Leo) Caesar (A.D. 476-477/8)
Bertha of Sulzbach (wife of Manuel I Comnenus)
Bonosus (280 A.D.)
Britannicus (son of Claudius)


Caligula (37-41 A.D.)
Calocaerus (333/334 A.D)
Candidianus (Son of Galerius)
Caracalla (211- 217A.D)
Carausius (286/7-293 A.D.)
Carinus (283-285 A.D.)
Carus (282-283 A.D.)
Censorinus (269-270 A.D.)
Claudius (41-54 A.D.)
Claudius II Gothicus (268-270 A.D.)
Commodus (180-192 A.D)
Constans I (337-350 A.D.)
Constans II (409/10-411 A.D.)
Constans II (641-668 A.D.)
Constantia (the daughter of Constantius I)
Constantia (Daughter of Constantius II)
Constantina (the daughter of Constantine I)
Constantina (the wife of the Emperor Maurice)
Constantine I (306- 337 A.D.)
Constantine II (337-340 A.D.)
Constantine III (407-411 A.D.)
Constantine III (February -April/May 641 A.D.)
Constantine IV (668- 685 A.D)
Constantine V Copronymus (A.D. 741-775)
Constantine VI (780-797 A.D.)
Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus (913-959 A.D.)
Constantine VIII Flavius Porphyrogenitus (alone, 1025-1028 A.D.)
Constantine IX Monomachus (1042-1055 A.D.)
Constantius I (305-306 A.D.)
Julius Constantius
Constantius II (337-361 A.D.)
Constantius III (421 A.D.)
C Cornelia Supra (wife of Aemilianus)
Crispus (317-326 A.D.)


Dalmatius Caesar (335-337 A.D)
Dalmatius the Censor (The Half-brother of Constantine I)
Decentius (351-353 A.D.)
Decius (249-251 A.D.)
Diadumenianus (218 A.D.)
Didius Julianus (193 A.D.)
Diocletian (284-305 A.D.)
Domitia Longina (Wife of Domitian)
Domitian (81- 96 A.D.)
Domitianus (271-272 A.D.)
L. Domitius Domitianus (296/7- 297/8 A.D)
Domnica, Wife of the Emperor Valens


Elagabalus (218-222 A.D.)
Epiphania (daughter of Heraclius)
Eudocia (third wife of Constantine V)
Eudocia (daughter of Valentinian III)
Eudocia (First Wife of Justinian II)
Licinia Eudoxia (wife of Valentinian III)
Eugenius (303/4 A.D)
Flavius Eugenius (392- 394 A.D.)
Euphemia (wife of Justin I)
Eusebia (Wife of Constantius II)
Eutropia (Sister of Constantine I)
Eutropia (Wife of Maximianus Herculius)


Fabia-Eudocia (First Wife of Heraclius)
Fausta (Wife of Constans II)
Faustina (Wife of Antoninus Pius)
Faustina (Wife of Marcus Aurelius)
Annia Aurelia Faustina (third wife of Elagabal)
Faustinus (274 A.D.)
Firmus (273 A.D.)
Firmus (ca.372 -ca. 375 A.D.)
Felicissimus (270-271? A.D.)
Flavia Domitilla (Daughter of Vespasian)
Flavia Domitilla (Wife of Vespasian)
Florianus (276 A.D.)


Galba (68-69 A.D)
Galerius (305-311 A.D)
Galla Placidia
Gallienus (A.D. 253- 268)
Gallus Caesar (351- 354A.D.)
Gellius Maximus
Tiberius Gemellus (19- 37/38 A.D.)
Germanicus Caesar (15 B.C.- A.D. 19)
Geta (211 A.D.)
Gordian I (238A.D.)
Gordian II (238 A.D.)
Gordian III (238-244 A.,D.)
Gratian (367-83 A.D.)
Gratian (407 A.D.)
Gregoria (wife of Heraclius Constantine)
Gregory (646-647 A.D.)


Hadrian (117-138 A.D.)
Hannibalianus (Half- brother of Constantine I)
Hannibalianus (Rex Regum) (335-337 A.D.)
Helen (Wife of Julian the Transgressor)
Helena Dragas (wife of Manuel II)
Heraclianus (413 A.D.)
Heraclius (610-641 A.D.)
Heraclonas (April/May - September 641 A.D.)
Herennia Etruscilla (wife of Decius)
Herennius Etruscus (A.D. 251)
Honorius (395-423 A.D.)
Hostilian (A.D. 251)


Ingenuus (260 A.D)
Ino (Wife of Tiberius II Constantine)
Iohannes (423-425 A.D.)
Iotapianus (248 A.D.)
Irene of Hungary (wife of John II Comnenus)
Irene (wife of Leo IV)
Irene (wife of Constantine V)
Irene (797-802 A.D.)
Isaac, Emperor of Cyprus
Iulianus (ca. 286-293 A.D.)


John II Comnenus (1118-1143 A.D.)
John V Palaeologus(1341-1391 A.D.)
John VI Cantacuzenus(1347-1354 A.D.)
Jovian (363-364 A.D)
Jovinus (411- 413 A.D.)
Julia (Daughter of Titus)
Julia Aquila Severa (second wife of Elagabal)
Julia Cornelia Paula (first wife of Elagabal)
Julia Domna
Julia Maesa
Julia Mamaea
Julia Soaemias
Julian the Apostate (A.D. 360-363)
Justa Honoria Grata
Justin (518-527 A.D.)
Justin II (565-578 A.D.)
Justinian I (527-565 A.D.)
Justinian II (685-695, 705-711 A.D.)



Laelianus (269 A.D.)
Leo I (457-474 A.D.)
Leo II (474 A.D)
Leo III (A.D 717- 741)
Leo IV (775-780 A.D.)
Leontia (wife of the Emperor Phocas)
Leontius (484-488 A.D.)
Leontius (695-698 A.D.)
Libius Severus (461- 465 A.D.)
Iulius Valens Licinianus (ca. 249-251 A.D.)
Licinius (308-324 A.D)
Livia (the wife of Augustus)
Lucilla (Wife of Lucius Verus)
Lucius Verus (161-166 AD)


L. Clodius Macer (68 A.D.)
Macrianus I (A.D. 260-261)
Macrianus II (A.D. 260-261)
Macrinus (217-218 A.D.)
Magnentius (350-353 A.D.)
Magnus (235 A.D.)
Magnus Maximus (383- 388 A.D.)
Majorian (457-461 A.D.)
Manuel I (A.D. 1143- 1180)
Manuel II (1391-1425 A.D.) A.D.)
Marcia Furnilla (Wife of Titus)
Marcus (406-407 A.D)
Marcus (475-476 A.D.)
Marcus Aurelius (A.D. 161-180)
Mareades (253-260 A.D.)
Maria (second wife of Constantine V)
Maria (wife of Constantine VI)
Maria (wife of Leo III)
Maria of Antioch (wife of Manuel Comnenus)
Maria the Alan (wife of Michael VII)
Marius (269 A.D.)
Maria Porphyrogenita, daughter of Manuel I Comnenus
Martina (Second Wife of Heraclius)
Martinianus (324A.D)
Maurice (582-602 A.D.)
Maxentius (306-312 A.D.)
Maximianus Herculius (285-305 A.D.)
Maximinus Daia (305-313 A.D.)
Maximinus Thrax (235-238 A.D.)
Maximus (409- 411 A.D.)
Marcellus (366 A.D.)
Marcus Aurelius (A.D. 161-180)
Marcus Caesar (A.D. 475-476)
Memor (A.D. 262)
Mezezius (669 A.D.)


Julius Nepos (474-480 A.D.)
Nepotian (355 A.D.)
Nero (54-68 A.D.)
Nerva (96-98 A.D.)
Pescennius Niger (193- 194 A.D.)
Nicephorus (802-811 A.D.)
Nicephorus Bryennius (A.D.1078-1081)
Nicephorus III Botaniates (A.D.1078-1081)
Nicephorus Melissenus (A.D.1080-1081)
Nicephorus Basilacius (A.D.1078-1081)
Numerianus (283-284 A.D.)


(Claudia) Octavia,daughter of Claudius

Olybrius (472 A.D.)
Olympius (649-653 A.D.)
Otho (69 A.D.)


Pacatianus (248 A.D.)
Palladius Caesar (455 A.D.)
Patricius Caesar (A.D. 469)
Pertinax (192-193 A.D.)
Petronius Maximus (455 A.D.)
Philip the Arab (244-249 A.D.)
Philip Iunior (247-249 A.D.)
Philippicus Bardanes (A.D. 711-713)
Piso (A.D. 261)
Publia Fulvia Plautilla (wife of Caracalla)
Pompeia Plotina(Wife of Trajan)
Postumus (A.D. 260- 269)
Prisca (Wife of Diocletian)
T. Julius Priscus (ca. 249-251 A.D.)
Priscus Attalus (409-410, 414-415 A.D.)
Pulcheria (Wife of the Emperor Marcian)
Pupienus (Maximus) (238 A.D.)
Probus (276-282 A.D.)
Procopius (365-366 A.D.)
Proculus (280- 281 A.D.)


Quartinus (235 A.D.)
Quietus (A.D. 260-261)
Quintillus (270A.D)


Regalianus 260 A.D.)
Romanus (470A.D.)
Romulus Augustulus (475-476 A.D.)


Sabinianus (240 A.D.)
C. Nymphidius Sabinus (68 A.D)
Sallustia Orbiana (wife of Alexander Severus)
L. Seius Sallustius (A.D. 225-227)
L. Antonius Saturninus (89 A.D.)
Saturninus (281 A.D)
Sebastianus (412-413 A.D.)
Septimius Severus (193-211 A.D.)
Septimius (271-272 A.D.)
Severus Alexander (A.D.222-235)
Severus II (306-307 A.D)
Silbannacus (248 A.D.)
Silvanus (355 A.D.)
Sophia (Wife of Justin II)
Sponsianus (248 A.D.)
Stauracius (811 A.D.)


Tacitus (275-276 A.D.)
Tetricus I (271-274 A.D.)
Tetricus II (273?- 274 A.D.}
Theodora (Wife of Constantius Chlorus)
Theodora (Wife of Justinian I)
Theodora (Second Wife of Justinian II)
Theodosius I the Great (378-395 A.D.)
Theodosius II (408-450 A.D.)
Theodosius III (A.D. 715-717)
Theophano, wife of Romanus II and Nicephorus II Phocas
Theodote (wife of Constantine VI)
Tiberius (14-37 A.D.)
Tiberius II (I) Constantine (578-582 A.D.)
Tiberius III (II) (698-705 A.D.)
Titus (79-81 A.D.)
Trajan (A.D. 98- 117)
Trebonianus Gallus (251-253 A.D.)

Ulpia Severina (wife of Aurelian)
Uranius (ca. 218-235 and/or 253/4? A.D.)

Urbanus (271- 272 A.D.)


Vaballathus (270-272 A.D.)
Valens (316 A.D.)
Valens (A.D. 261)
Valens(364- 378A.D.)
Valentinan I (364-375 A.D.)
Valentinian II (375- 92 A.D.)
Valentinian III (425-455 A.D.)
Galeria Valeria (Wife of Galerius)
Valeria Maximilla (daughter of Galerius)
Valeria Messalina (Wife of Claudius)
Valerian (A.D. 253- 260)
Valerius Romulus (son of Maxentius)
Aelia Verina (Wife of Leo I)
Vespasian (69 -79 A.D)
Vetranio (350 A.D.)
Vibia Sabina (Wife of Hadrian)
Flavius Victor (384- 388 A.D)
Victorinus (269-270 A.D.)
C. Iulius Vindex (68 A.D.)
Vitellius (69 A.D)
Volusianus (251-253 A.D.)





Zeno (474-491 A.D.)
Zenobia (270-272 A.D.)
Zoe Porphyrogenita (wife of Romanus III, Constantine IX, and Michael IV)

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