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Eudocia, daughter of Valentinian III

Ralph W. Mathisen

University of South Carolina

Eudocia was the elder daughter of the emperor Valentinian III (425-455) and his wife Licinia Eudoxia . She was betrothed to Huneric, the son of the Vandal king Geiseric (428-477), apparently in the early 440s. In spite of this, after Valentinian's murder in 455 she was married to Palladius, the son of the short- lived emperor Petronius Maximus (455). When the Vandals sacked Rome in the same year, she was carried off to Carthage along with her mother and her sister Placidia. There, the marriage to Huneric was consummated. She became the mother of the later Vandal king Hilderic (523-530).


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